Support Policy


In-Tuition is a wholesale hosting provider of services such as Zimbra Email, WordPress and Email Security, providing services and support only to reseller partners. Find out more about In-Tuition's way of doing business here. This page sets out In-Tuition's policy for providing support.

Our Responsibilities

In-Tuition provides third line technical support to resellers.

  • Deliver the Services reliably and securely inline with our SLA.
  • Provide third line tech support to our resellers (but not their customers).
  • Maintain and improve our Administrator Portal.

Reseller Responsibilities

  • First and second line support for your customers.
  • Order processing, upgrades, downgrades, migrations, terminations and fault management.
  • To follow the escalation protocol when contacting In-Tuition support.

Escalation Protocol

We are known for resolving cases accurately and quickly - you can help us to help you by following this protocol when submitting cases:

  1. We are sure you know how demoralising it is to receive basic questions which can be answered online, often in less time than it took to submit the ticket. Please search our knowledge base, vendor documentation and Google before escalating to us. See Administrator Portal > Support for links.
  2. Carry out appropriate debugging steps using the log files or log search tools provided.
  3. Provide a clear description of the problem.
  4. Document all relevant information including the debug steps you have already taken, log files and technical information (e.g. email headers).
  5. Use the ticketing system in our Administration Portal. This is quicker than phoning us and means we will have all of the relevant details to hand to start working on the problem immediately.

Cases which do not follow this protocol may be downgraded in priority.

Contact Methods

The fastest method of receiving support is via our Administrator Portal ticketing system. You can phone us and our support reception will take a message and escalate it internally. However, your call will not be answered by an engineer, whereas your ticket almost certainly will be. Furthermore, the act of receiving written details of the problem means we can start work on resolving the issue immediately. In contrast to having to make sense of a transcribed telephone message or wasting time trying to call you back.

Support Scope

Here are some examples of Technical Support requests we can help with and those we can not.

Not included

Forgotten password or mailbox lockout issues - use the Administrator Portal to resolve. Setting up devices - search knowledge base / Google. Help understanding features - attend vendor training. Interpreting email Non-Delivery Reports - the answer is given in the report. Understanding why an email was or was not blocked by spam scanning - review the headers and search the logging tool. Mailbox restore requests - use the trash recovery or request a restore using the Administration Portal > Mailbox Manager. Fixing a WordPress White Screen of Death - carry out recommended WordPress debugging steps listed in our knowledge base. Restoring a WP website - the last night's database backup is provided. Changing Themes, installing plugins, adjusting the design, editing or otherwise managing your WordPress website.


Third Line technical support issues escalated in line with our Escalation Protocol. Reporting of faults or bugs relating to the Administration Portal. Requests for config changes which cannot be done using the Administration Portal.